1. Sandwich Platter
    An assortment of sandwiches made from fresh bread (white, brown or mixed) with a variety of fillings such as ham and mustard, tomato and cheese, egg mayonnaise and tuna mayonnaise.  (Open sandwich platters – on a variety of rye and seed breads)
  2. Snack Platter
    Cocktail sausage rolls, mini pizza, mini quiche and samosas
  3. Savoury Platter
    Meatballs, chicken wings, cocktail sausages and chicken kebabs.
  4.  Pâté Platter
    Chicken liver pâté and salmon mousse served with an assortment of breads and savoury biscuits.
  5. Cheese Platter
    An assortment of cheeses – Brie, Camembert, Baby Belle, Cheddar, Sweetmilk and Belle Paese – served with a variety of savoury biscuits.
  6.  Sausage Platter
    A selection of cocktail and sliced sausages – served with a mustard dip.
  7. Traditional South African Platter
    Corn on the cob, crumbed chicken livers peri-peri, vetkoek with savoury mince and boerewors pieces, served with a chakalaka dip.
  8. Crudité Platter
    A selection of fresh, cut vegetables such as carrots, cocktail tomatoes, cucumber, celery, mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli. Served with blue cheese and guacamole dips.
  9. Chicken Platter
    A selection of grilled and deep fried chicken pieces served with a barbeque dip.
  10. Meze Platter
    Pita bread, falafels, olives, feta cheese and Greek meatballs served with humus, taramasalata and tsatsiki dips.
  11. Pie Platter
    A selection of mini cornish, chicken mushroom, spinach & feta, and cheese & ham pies.
  12. Fruit Platter
    An array of seasonal fruit served with either whipped cream or yoghurt
  13. Seafood Platter
    Fish kebabs, calamari, prawns and crumbed fish served with either a tartare or a sweet and sour sauce.
  14. Vegetarian Platter
    Crumbed mushrooms, vegetable kebabs, spinach parcels and corn on the cob.
  15. Muffin Platter
    A variety of sweet and savoury muffins served with butter and a selection of jams.
  16. Breakfast Platter
    A selection of beef and pork sausages, bacon & egg pie and cheese scones.
  17. Gravy Boat Platter
    Potato wedges and slices of rare roast beef on fresh French loaf, served with a rich gravy dipping sauce.
  18. Fast Food Platter
    A feast of mini hot dogs, chicken burgers, beef burgers and prego rolls.
  19. Sweet Platter
    A decadant selection of any combination of four of the following : lemon meringue tartlets, koeksisters, mini chocolate éclairs, biscotti cheese cake, cream horns, pain au chocolat, mini milktarts, apple turnovers, pecan tartlets or meringues.
  20. Sushi Platter
    A selection of fish and vegetarian sushi served with Gari ginger, soya sauce and wasabi.
  21. Cold Meat Platter
    An array of delicious cold meats.
  22. Cold meat and Cheese Platter
    A selection of fine cheeses and cold meats, garnished with fresh garden vegetables.
  23. Slider Platter
    40 delectable sliders – your choice of a selection of four, including cheeseburgers, pulled pork with honey glaze, ham and cheese, barbeque brisket, spicy buffalo thighs, chicken parmesan, blue cheese, salmon and crispy quinoa

Hot trays, plates and serviettes may be provided at an additional charge.

On average, our platters comfortably feed approximately 15 people.

The above platters are not restrictive and are simply an indication of what we do. We will quote on any combination of the above or on any specific platters you may require.

Specific diets also catered for on request – Halaal, vegetarian, AIP, Paleo – just let us know!
Ask about our Pizza Platters!

Due to the constantly increasing cost of food products, prices are subject to change and are not included on the website. They are however, available on request.

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